Monday, June 16, 2008

The Power of a Cookie...

Being a member of the Wounded Team, I have the privilege of visiting our wounded warriors on a regular basis. Their strength, courage and determination never cease to amaze me and I leave inspired, each and every time.

Something that truly amazes me though, is how it’s not always the grand gestures, but the little things that can make a difference: how a simple “Thank you for your service”, a warm smile or just some home made goodies can bring a little bit of happiness to a young service member struggling with life experiences and the wounds of war.

I used to bring cookies and brownies occasionally, until I realized that this small act, of bringing something home made, was so very welcome and appreciated. I now find myself baking on a regular basis, bringing not just cookies and brownies, but pies, cakes and other assorted items. (“Buckeyes” anyone? yes, thanks to Daniel, I now know what these are…but I still haven’t figured out how not to make them have flat bottoms, ha ha ha) Every week when I visit, I see young men and women, their families too, cruising by the area where I sit, just to see what I’ve brought. Often times they may just swing by and sample a cookie and be on their way, some will sit and chat for a bit, sometimes they will stay longer. It is during these chats when the warrior or the family member may begin to open up. I have had some amazing conversations over carrot cake, giggles while they sampled cheesecake as well as dreams and sorrows shared over gingersnaps. For some reason, this small gesture inspires comfort and I am happy to take the time every chance I get, to be able to warm a warriors heart, if only for a moment.

So do the little things: say Thank You, shake a service member’s hand, welcome them home, pay for their meal, give a warm smile whenever possible and know you may be giving them more than you realize.

The power of a cookie…who knew…


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