Monday, June 30, 2008


After posting a recent piece, I got to “reflecting” upon the many different people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had since the GWOT began. I would never have met any of these wonderful people nor had the experiences I’ve had, if not for the war. Each person I’ve met along the way has touched my heart and enabled me to continue on this path that I am on. Each person I’ve met, whether Angel, Warrior or Colleague, has helped me grow into the person I am today.

These people have come into my life because of the war. Then I think of the cost of my growth. The price paid--not by me--but of our warriors and their families. It is a steep price, full of sacrifice, bravery and, in some instances, pain on their part.

When I think of the Warriors and their family members I’ve met, how or what can I ever do to thank them? Those deployed heroes; those wounded heroes who are meeting their “new normal” head on—many wanting to get back into the fight. How do we thank their families for their sacrifices?

This war has changed us all. Our innocence of September 10, 2001 is forever gone. In its place is a new awareness, a sense of pride and patriotism. Our Nation has grown since September 11, 2001. Has it been a good growth? Yes, I believe for the most part, it has.

I thank God for each and every person that has come into my life since that fateful day….I just wish the price paid wasn’t so high.

Once again—thank you, heroes for keeping us safe. Thank you heroes from ALL the wars. Thank you.


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