Monday, June 9, 2008


We recently returned from a visit to DC where we met with some of our wounded warriors and had a chance to chat with them.

One of the warriors told me how wonderful it felt to be told “thank you” by someone in the airport. He’d been traveling with his wife and they were having lunch while on a layover. A lady quietly walked over to them, excused herself and said to his wife that she wanted to hug him to say “thank you”. This touched the warrior deeply.

Another mentioned how he’d been thanked by a little boy in the airport. He said it brought tears to his eyes. He hadn’t been thanked before.

I was asked by members of the “Soldiers’ Angels Family” at Walter Reed who we refer to as “The Posse”, “The Mafia” or “The Contingent” to help pass this along. These fellows saw this and asked if I’d help spread the word and keep spreading it. Please go, watch and do this when you see a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine or Coast Guardsmen. They are sacrificing so much to keep us safe.

Thank you.


madmedic92 said...

Soldier's Angels was there for me in a really dark time. I still talk to one of my angels. Truth is if this organization had not helped me I'd have lost it, and been unable to do my job.

Sometimes just a few words of encouragement makes all the differance in the world

LDR said...

madmedic92---Thank YOU for your service. God Bless! LDR

Anonymous said...

I have recently been traveling across the nation for training between deployments and have been gratified for the kind words and smiles that have been showered on me. Hugs, handshakes and signs. It is so different than when I started some 36 years ago.

I never fail to tell them that I am proud do do this, and I do it for them.

And thak you for all you do for me and my fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.


Anonymous said...

I do the thank you as often as I can. But I know that I can NEVER SAY THANKS ENOUGH! So instead I always try to find just one service member in a food or drink line and make sure that their bill is paid without them knowing I was the one. I would prefer they think that it was more than just one that it came from all, just as some of them have given all! A Grateful Vet!