Thursday, June 12, 2008


I saw “The Bus”.

After all these years, working with our wounded warriors and their families at Walter Reed, I saw “The Bus”.

“The Bus” that brings the wounded from Andrews Air Force Base to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

The ambulance bus.

The “Walter Reed Bus”…………

You’d think seeing “The Bus” wouldn’t have affected me, since I’ve met and spoken with so many of our warriors and their families over the years, but it did. Those who know me personally know that I’m not too often at a loss for words, but that’s what happened.

I had just left the base and was heading home. Up ahead, I saw flashing lights and I didn’t think anything of them. I thought it was a fire truck. It wasn’t. It was “The Bus”. I was on the phone with MD and totally lost my train of talk.

On the ride home, I kept thinking about “The Bus”.

It is not “just a bus”. It is an ambulance carrying precious injured cargo—the heroes injured in their efforts to keep me & mine and you & yours safe here at home. How many warriors were on “the bus” when I saw it? I don’t know. But those lives are forever changed. All who rode in “The Bus” are forever changed as are the lives of their families and friends.

MD told me of a mom who hadn’t been there when the bus bringing her son to WRAMC arrived, but how wonderfully the nurses on the bus took care of him and made the ride as comfortable as they could for him. The medical personnel on this vehicle are tops!

………How DO you say thank you??? Thank you heroes!

(MD—I bet you thought I was going to talk about a different bus, didn’t you?).


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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, yes, I braced myself for "the bus" post, but it certainly wasn't what I expected...God bless all our heroes and their families as "the bus" transports them to a new life...