Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Working as I do with our wounded warriors, I’ve been honored and privileged to meet many different heroes…..

The Wounded Warrior
The families of our wounded
The Battle Buddies of our wounded
Some of our deployed warriors and those Stateside
The Support Staff of the various WTU/WTB’s and hospitals
Our “Angels on the Ground” at the various facilities
Our Founder and the other Angels who support our warriors

Last night I had dinner with a different kind of hero and his family. A few years ago, this young man had been visiting our wounded at a large military medical facility on behalf of Soldiers’ Angels and was so inspired by our wounded warriors, he applied for and received an age waiver and joined the Army. This young man had a wonderful career in a large city, was establishing himself in the community but gave that up because he wanted to serve our country like the warriors he met as he visited.

He is soon to be deployed. I’ve told him to let me know when he arrives down range and we’d provide Soldiers’ Angels support. I am so very glad I know this man. I’m even more glad that my son has had the same honor in calling him friend.

There are many different types of heroes. He’s one of our own… angel!