Sunday, March 23, 2008

What Are You Doing May 3 & 4th?

If you aren't doing anything, come join us!!! For the second year in a row, Soldiers' Angels has worked with World T.E.A.M. Sports here in sponsoring the Face of America Bicycle Ride. Last year, 250+ riders participated with 50+ being severely injured or ill warriors from OIF, OEF and past conflicts. This year, organizers are hoping to grow the ride to 500 with 100 wounded/ill warriors.

What makes this ride--notice "ride" not "race"--unique is that it is truly a "team effort". All participants ride together as a group and all finish together as a group. The ride is open to all--civilian, active duty military, retired military, our wounded military.

This is the 3rd year I've worked a wounded warrior bicycle ride. I can not begin to explain the vast array of emotions spent over those days, by riders and volunteers. Last year, at the end of the ride, one of the wounded warriors I knew from WRAMC was so happy and full of joy. He said to me "L.........., this is the first time I've felt normal since I lost my leg". Can I tell you that I will work from morning to night making rides like this happen for these warriors!

Last year, the son who "I let turn 16---sigh" rode the ride. He grew up over those days and I've been told by those that rode with him that he is no longer to be called a kid. He earned "man" those days. This year, he's not able to ride due to a previous committment. He is a LT in the Explorer unit with our local fire department and they have a competition scheduled for that same time. There is next year!

Anyway, if you aren't doing anything May 3 & 4th, come join us in Bethesda MD to Gettysburg PA for an experience you will never forget! It will be 110 miles of many emotions--many will be overwhelming but in a very good way! Participants are always welcome and encouraged to ride. Volunteers are always needed!!

I know that's where you'll find me! You'll also find my blog-father Laughing Wolf who is planning on riding the ride and blogging on his site and Blackfive. I believe I've heard rumors that Chuck might ride too!

Sign up! The more--the merrier!



Laughing_Wolf said...

Well, I'm not swearing how far I can actually ride since I haven't done any biking in more than 20 years. I figure that it can provide a way to raise money from side-bets on how far I get and video entry to one of the funny video shows... *G*


Kathi said...

I'm signed up, looking forward to seeing you there!

Last year was wonderful, working as a volunteer with SA, and I met some amazing folks! some of whom we've stayed in contact with since then.

See you in MD, in May!!!

Anonymous said...

I live on the wrong side of the country and will miss this great event. :+(((
Believe me I will be thinking of you all and will be there with you in spirit.
LW, thanks for participating. Hope someone does a video. Would love to watch.
Soldier Angel Robin