Thursday, March 20, 2008


5 years. We've been at war for 5 years. So many thoughts are swirling around this mind as I write those words. So many, many changes that we have all lived through--both good and bad.

First and foremost, I think about the Warriors. The warriors and their families that have sacrificed so much to keep me and mine safe here at home; the warriors and the families of the wounded and ill warriors who have made that sacrifice for us; the warriors and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless All. How do you say "thank you"…………………

I think of how this war has changed my sons who are very big military supporters in their own right. The innocence of their young lives was shattered on September 11 and as friends were deployed in the GWOT.

I think about how this war has changed me--this "Old Jersey Gal" who went from being afraid to speak in public, timid, shy and quiet (and afraid to fly) to fighting for our wounded and ill warriors; holding my own with Generals, Colonels and other officials to be sure "our guys/gals" are being taken care of in many different ways and speaking in public. (I am no longer afraid to fly)

I think about how this war changed a mom whose son was deployed and asked her to write to some of his buddies who weren't receiving mail and now oversees one of the largest non-profit military support groups--Soldiers' Angels. How do you say "thank you"………………

Public support of the war is not high. Our deployed warriors need to hear words of support and encouragement from those of us here at home. Soldiers' Angels has filled that need since 2003. How do you say "thank you"………………….

Working as I do with the WWST, I can only hope and pray the public support of our veterans of ALL WARS remain in the forefront. With all these heroes have gone through, a simple "thank you" means the world to them. Their response is "thank you--I was just doing my job". Truly humble heroes. How do you say "thank you"…………………..

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