Thursday, April 10, 2008

Face of America

3 weeks from Saturday is the beginning of the Face of America Ride. Plans are progessing wonderfully. Participants are registering on a daily basis and the ride is growing! I can not begin to tell you how exciting this event is--for both the participants and volunteers!!

Soldiers' Angels has quite a few members participating in a number of areas. Some are riding, others are volunteering, MANY are making banners of support and encouragement that will be hung at the Kick-off Dinner, the rest stops and the End of Ride Celebration.

My blog-dad will be attending the ride to gather stories to share on B5.
Chuck is going to be there sporting the bicycle donated by
The Independence Fund . Chuck is riding as "Hell on Wheels 2008" - fitting, huh?! :o) I hear that other bloggers are attending as well!

So, if you aren't doing anything May 3 & 4 and you are in the Bethesda MD and Gettysbury PA area, please participate. Cheering sections are ALWAYS welcome and needed. Please wear a Soldiers' Angels tee shirt, hat or pin so we can recognize a fellow angel!

Thanks for your support.


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