Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wounded TLC Team

One of the truly special aspects of being a member of Soldiers' Angels Wounded Team is the opportunity we get to reach out, not only to wounded warriors, but also those who have been injured and those who are recovering from illness. Unlike many other organizations, we care for all of them, regardless of what brought them to the military hospital.

Although our weekly visits offer great comfort and assistance, our Wounded TLC Team brightens our warriors' days. This team works tirelessly, sending out cards and letters of support to those recovering. Many a time, a warrior has approached me with the biggest smile on his/her face, beginning his sentence with "I went to the mailbox today..." They don't need to finish as I know what they found: a bundle of cards from Angels all over the country, wishing them well. As the warrior recovers, it is not uncommon for our Wounded TLC member to not hear back, yet they keep sending the words of encouragement, every single week.

During my last weekly visit, Mrs. P sat to chat with me for a little bit. Her husband is currently being treated for brain cancer and to say it has been a difficult road for both of them is an understatement. She has struggled, as so many other caretakers do, to take care of her spouse and yet remain strong herself. I asked if her husband had begun receiving letters yet and she just lit up. "YES! And my husband reads every single letter, and he smiles the entire time he is reading them!" She was amazed at the amount of letters and the wonderful thoughts that were sent in each one. It never ceases to amaze my warriors and their families that total strangers take the time and care enough to send these lovely cards and letters. As the average recovery time now closes in on 2 years, the cards and letters truly do mean the world to the warriors. So many of them tell me how they keep every letter, in hopes of one day writing back to say thank you or just as a reminder of all the support they received from those for whom they sacrifice. Long after the media has lost sight of their story, or their friends and acquaintances return to their lives, our Wounded TLC Team continues to remind our warriors that we DO care, and deeply.

Dear Wounded TLC Team, keep up the great work and know you are making a difference, one word, one card, one letter at a time...


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