Monday, October 5, 2009

Chester New Jersey Lion's Club Oktoberfest

Lynda and I were honored to represent Soldiers' Angels at the Chester Lion's Club Oktoberfest on Sunday. The weather was beautiful here in New Jersey on Sunday. The sun was shining all day. Record breaking crowds attended this event, lining up for the wonderful German food and music....Did I mention the German beer?

The Chester Lion's were so welcoming to us. We can not say "thank you" enough for all they did. Mike R--you rock. Thank you.

We were given a table front and center. We had displayed a VALOUR-IT Laptop and bag, a Transitional Backpack, Blankets of Hope, a photo album of some past events and some brochures. We were giving away the Soldiers' Angels wristbands for a thank you card. Write a thank you card to a service member--get a free wristband. One of the most memorable was from a former Officer of the Russian Army.

We met so many people and were able to talk to them about Soldiers' Angels and what we do to support our warriors--both deployed and here at home. I am hoping that we recruited a good number to our ranks of Angels. We listened as well--to the mom whose son just returned from Iraq and had tears in her eyes talking to us. We listened to a wife whose husband just went over in August for his third deployment--she was strong, because her 12 year old son was with her, but we knew she needed to talk. We listened.

It was a wonderful day of "angeling". Lynda and I are already planning for next year!

Follow this link for a another write-up on the event.


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Nicely done :)