Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Secretary of State Thanks the Volunteers at WRAMC

I was invited to represent Soldiers' Angels at a reception honoring WRAMC volunteers. Dr. Robert Gates was our host and he gave a wonderful speech, in front of Walter Reed hospital staff, patients and volunteers, thanking us for the work we do.

It is impressive, seeing how many organizations have stepped up to care for our warriors and their families. None of us do this for the gratitude or for any recognition: what we do, we do from our heart, because we too, have a sense of service to our country and those who sacrifice so much on our behalf.

Being one of the first in line for the photos (right place, right time I guess) I was able to meet Dr. Gates, thank him for his service and coin him. Though he met many amazing volunteers yesterday, I hope he gets a chance to take a look at the lovely Soldiers' Angels coin and the message: "May We Never Forget". I believe I caught him by surprise and I did not receive a coin back, but as I wrote earlier, we don't do this for the recognition, we do it because its the right thing to do. Afterwards, we were treated to tasty hot dogs, lemonade and ice cream sandwiches which really hit the spot on a very warm day.

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