Thursday, December 11, 2008

TIS THE SEASON--Christmas Party for WRAMC Wounded Warriors & Family

LDR--The Holiday Party for our wounded warriors at Walter Reed the other night was fantastic. The Savage Mill Manor House went all out in welcoming these heroes and they had a wonderful time. Here are a couple of emails we received:

Let me start off by saying thank you for the wonderful dinner that Soldiers' Angels hosted for us this holiday season!! I received a lot of wonderful feedback for the support of our warriors!! The kids loved their gift bags as well!

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas party. The soldiers appreciate your kindness very much. I just overheard a soldier talking about it this morning. Thank you too for the gift certificate. We appreciate what you do for the soldiers. You are truly an "ANGEL".

They had so much fun and loved the Sugar Plum Fairy and “The Cigarette Girl” didn’t they? Of course, no one can top the big man himself—Santa. The little ones really loved him, didn’t they?

MD - Well, what’s not to love about Santa? One year, he had all the children dancing while he played bongos!

Special Thanks go out to Chris Miller and her amazing staff from
Putting on the Ritz, Dan Sandys from Dan Sandys Entertainment Group, who always provides his awesome DJ and Emcee skills, along with extra entertainment such as our balloon making gal (who later morphed into the very lovely and VERY popular Cigarette girl) and Santa of course. A big Thank You also goes out to Patrick Barron for graciously paying for the buses to transport our heroes and their families from WRAMC.

There was no shortage of people who helped put this event together. From
our very generous founder, Patti Patton Bader, who made sure we had plenty
of gifts to give to the warriors and their families, to our local (and not so local)
Angels who helped gather up our warriors and their families - Thank you JB
and LOR.

The atmosphere was festive, the setting was lovely, the food was delicious
and there was no shortage of laughter and holiday spirit.

LDR—Yes, the food was delicious. Thank you for allowing me to eat this year! LOL

The warriors and their families really had a good time and enjoyed the gifts. The Soldiers’ Angels blankets, mugs and knit caps were a great hit. I think they enjoyed the “door prizes” too.

In addition to those you thanked above, I’d also like to say a “thank you” to someone else. Thank you—MD. You put this whole Christmas Party together and it was a perfect evening for all who attended.

I also heard from another “angel” who received an email from one of our guests. She told the angel that “she got to go and was a very happy girl said it was great!”

Thank you all who made this night happen!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!


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