Thursday, July 31, 2008

SOLDIER MUSIC.............1223

Last August, I went to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio for a Soldiers’ Angels event for the Wounded Warriors where I was privileged to meet Mr. Sylk and JohnJohn, also known as 1223. They also performed for the warriors at WRAMC and Bethesda over Veteran's Day.

They performed for us and this “old Jersey Gal” now likes Hip-Hop. Give it a listen. Their “Drive-On” is powerful stuff! Play it LOUD!! Also, listen to “Soldiers’ Angels Tribute”, the song they wrote in thanks for what Soldiers’ Angels and the “angels” do to support all our soldiers—from ALL wars.

These guys are "The Best" and I'm very proud and honored to have met them! Thanks, guys.


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Lisa in DC said...

Hey there! When we were at the hospital at Bethesda last Saturday, one of the Navy Lieutenants was talking about 1223's visit to Bethesda last fall, too. When she asked them to perform during our lunch, they said they needed a boom box. She took them to a recovering troops' room, and they started singing, remember? The Lt. was recalling how much these guys really raised the spirits of two troops who were having a tough time.

Mr Sylk and JohnJohn are awesome!